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Our goal with this site is to create one central destination for students. The site offers a variety of resources for students of Emergency Medicine. Many are already available already, such as the online self-study modules and digital instruction in Emergency Medicine (DIEM cases).

Feel free to provide us with feedback as this continues to be a work-in-progress dictated by your needs. We hope you find it helpful

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  • EM Day of Service
  • As emergency physicians, residents, nurses, physician assistants, and medical students, we are servant leaders in our communities. We care and advocate for our patients while working clinically. We also respond to the call to give back to the communities we serve. The EM Day of Service was created with this essential concept in mind. The EM Day of Service is a specialty-driven event where emergency care providers identify community needs and volunteer to address those needs.

    More information can be found here.

  • How to present patients in the ER
  • EMRA (the Emergency Medicine Residents Association), CDEM (SAEM) teamed up to bring you this video on Presenting in the ER. We hope you find it useful. (You may want to expand it to full screen to watch).

  • Self Study Modules
  • This is a set of learning modules based on the national curriculum developed by our organization, the Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine (CDEM). These Self-Study Modules offer substantial information on all of the core topics in Emergency Medicine.

    The first section offers students an "approach to" a specific chief complaint. Each one gives you an idea of not only what critical diagnoses to consider, but also what initial actions must be taken even before arriving at a definitive diagnosis.

    The second section is disease specific. These modules describe the classic presentation of disease processes (though rarely will something present classically), explanations of diagnostic tests, hints on how to make the diagnosis, treatment options and pitfalls to avoid.

    The site is a work in progress, so if you find something that isn't quite right - please contact us Melissa McMillian [MMcMillian@saem.org].

  • DIEM Cases
  • This is a new section called DIEM (Digital Instruction in Emergency Medicine). These cases are now ready for use. They are timed, real-life cases based on specific complaints where students may manage, diagnose, and treat virtual patients in a timed encounter. Students then write up the case which is automatically sent to the Clerkship Director.

    SAEM Tests

    CDEM has also created an online question bank for you to test your knowledge. This is available to you at saemtests.org. Your clerkship director will have to obtain a password and ID for you. More information can be found here.

    Blog & Tweets

    Follow our Tweet-of-The-Day on Twitter. The user name to search out is @CDEMstudents. Every day we'll post a new pearl of Emergency Medicine You can also follow along on our Facebook page.

    Educators and students, please also refer to Michelle Lin's (from UCSF) wonderful blog, Academic Life in EM.


    CDEM membership has produced many resources for students and educators alike. These are available for you on the Downloads page.

    Women in Emergency Medicine

    Currently posted on the CDEM website is a video project that represents the collaborative efforts of CDEM and the Academy of Women in Academic Medicine (AWAEM). The video highlights the specialty of emergency medicine and targets female medical students who may have an interest in emergency medicine as a career.

    New CDEMcurriculum

    We are undergoing a complete revision of the site, adding new topics (e.g., peds EM and M3 EM), making it mobile friendly among many other changes. Come see as it is being built.

    Who are the Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine (CDEM)

    The Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine (CDEM) is the National Organization representing Undergraduate Medical Education in Emergency Medicine. CDEM was formed in 2008, and became the first Academy of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM). CDEM is comprised of medical student educators who are committed to enhancing medical student education within our specialty.

    Our Mission

    Our Achievements

    CDEMcurriculum.org is undergoing revisions

    Educators across the country are working to update the topics and provide new material for the website. New sections will include content specific to recently published curricula:

    Want to use something from the site?

    Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the CDEM Executive Committee is strictly prohibited. For inquiries, please contact the CDEM Chair via Melissa McMillian at MMcMillian@saem.org.