Digital Instruction in Emergency Medicine


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Important instructions on navigating a DIEM case

Additional tips:

  1. Remember that a timer is running.
    • While it is tempting to browse through all of the physical exam elements because they are available, it may not be necessary to do so, especially in very sick patients. Perform a focused physical exam, as you would do in real life.
    • Make sure that you have about 45 minutes allotted to complete the case and the post-case debriefing pages. Try not to take a break during the timed portion of the case. There is no pause button.
    • Please take a few minutes to give us your comments in the SurveyMonkey link. We very much appreciate it!
  2. If you have run out of things to do while awaiting test results, start drafting your chart writeup. You will be asked to complete a chart at the end of the case.
  3. The vitals will not recycle for you automatically.
  4. Do NOT hit the back button on your browser. This will reset your entire case mid-way through and record that you took the case twice.